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Global real-time collaboration using Virtual Reality from general chemistry to pharmaceutical drug discovery.

Most Effective Tool for Drug Design Decision Making

Integrate with tools, workflows, and team members all over the world

Nanome values: workflow integrations, powerful decision making, global remote collaboration, and enhanced creativity Nanome values: workflow integrations, powerful decision making, global remote collaboration, and enhanced creativity

Build Your Structures Faster and Collaborate With Fellow Scientists Remotely in Real-Time

Medicinal Chemist

Effectively communicate your ligand design ideas to your colleagues. Cycle through your designs automatically or superimpose them to analyze the differences.

Computational Chemist

Easily import or export data from your existing CADD pipeline through our python-based plugin infrastructure. Collaboratively visualize docked results and rank them by the best score or a custom field.

Structural Biologist

Analyze the 3D arrangement of molecules while inside a protein binding pocket. Easily measure the distance between atoms directly in 3D space by pointing at atoms with your hands.


Surround yourself in crystal data, view multiple electron density maps superimposed and change their color, sigma, or opacity values in real-time.

Protein Engineer

Take rational protein design to the next level by analyzing large macromolecules independently or superimposed.

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“ Nimbus expects to save TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS PER YEAR ”

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Read our Published Paper in Collaboration with Novartis GNF

Learn about how immersive 3D enables scientists to better understand molecular structures across global teams and facilitates collaborative editing of data for more effective communication. Read more about the publication in the Journal of Molecular Graphics and Modelling.

Check out our Harvard study in the Journal of Chemical Education

Can hi-fidelity VR-based learning experiences deploy at scale in the undergraduate chemistry classroom? Discover what was reported to be the most valuable aspect from the student's perspective for a 3D virtual environment in this peer reviewed article from Harvard.

COVID-19 in VR: Video Series

When the COVID-19 pandemic began in early 2020, we wanted to get up close and personal with the virus in VR. We began documenting our explorations of the viral proteins, which led to a series of videos.

See how former Pharma Director of Medicinal Chemistry analyzes structures in Nanome

Mike Bishop, Ph.D., a Drug Discovery Consultant, explains how one could use structure based design to explore a binding site in Nanome and how that could inspire ways to modify a ligand while inside the binding pocket.

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Nanome can save me 3-6 months of time by allowing me to see details that I missed while using 2D software.
Research Scientist at Top 15 Pharma
Nanome helps me be more creative and after having tried it, I can't live without it.
Molecular Modeler at Top 10 Pharma
Nanome has helped identify the most optimal designs. It essentially pays for itself.
Computational Chemist at a Leading Biotech

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