shape red
Manipulate and modify
in real time
Visualize atoms, molecules,
proteins and beyond
Collaborate in a
virtual environment
Immerse yourself
in the nano world
Better understand
molecule structure and scale
Discover new ways
to design and model
your own data
work sessions
Design molecules
from the bottom up
Work faster,
Change any atom,
any time

Nanome is changing the
way we understand and interact
with science.

Big Innovations Start Small.

the nanome world

Immerse yourself in the nanoscale world.

Virtual Reality now allows us to interact, experiment and design in a 3-dimensional space – allowing better understanding of the invisible world around us.

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Our Suite of Products

Experiment, Collaborate and Design

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Step into the nano-world. Visualize and directly manipulate atoms, molecules, proteins and more — it's like Minecraft for matter.

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Compatible with: oculus and vive

Analyze and design macro-molecules in real time with your team. For the serious scientists, researchers and pharmaceutical developers.

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Visualize and build organic molecules in the world's first molecular and modeling tool for VR.

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Learn the foundations of vector calculus with our intuitive VR graphic calculator.

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Elevating Access to Science and Technology

Matryx is a distributed platform that solves age-old problems in the scientific community of access, collaboration and attribution using blockchain technology.
Let's open-source innovation together.

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The Future

Every Industry is a Nano Industry

Breakthroughs of the future will come at the nano scale. Nanome works with leading pharmaceutical companies and universities to transform the way they work with intuitive, integrated workflows.

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