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Molecular exploration at your fingertips



  • Load structures from RCSB
  • Host public workspaces
  • Join public workspaces
  • Basic molecular views
  • Basic editing features
  • Load up to 2 molecules at a time


Starting at $199
(billed annually)

  • Includes everything in Personal
  • Load from RCSB, PubChem, and Drugbank
  • Load from your local computer
  • Host a password protected room
  • Join private rooms
  • Save VR workspaces
  • Assign presenter & block users
  • Export molecules in PDB/SDF format
  • Play PDB Trajectory Animations
  • Multi SDF Ligand support
  • Electron Density Map Support (CCP4 & DSN6)
  • Load unlimited molecules


Custom Pricing

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  • Includes everything in Academic
  • Private server deployment
  • Plugin server deployment
  • Plugin integration support
  • Offline mode
  • Internal database integration
  • Custom development
  • Premium customer support

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