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An Innovation Ecosystem, live on the Ethereum Mainnet

Collaboration in Science is Broken

Current incentive and attribution models actually deter scientific collaboration. This lowers accessibility to great research and hinders innovation. Matryx is here to change that. It's a decentralized platform that lets anyone contribute research, get the credit they deserve, and ultimately solve problems faster.

  • Bounty system with token incentives
  • Open source collaboration
  • Proportional attribution

Challenge Accepted

VR allows us to interact with science in a whole new way. Matryx allows us to turn that energy into a whole new innovation ecosystem accessible for anyone.

The Future of Science is Open

Innovation is hindered when scientists and information are kept in silos.
Here's how Matryx changes that:


Post a Bounty

For example, request design proposals for a 3D model for 100,000 MTX.


Innovators Respond

First round of respondents submit their best ideas.


Winners are Chosen

Bounty Marshal chooses favorite designs and requests improvements.


Review & Improve

New or existing users iterate and improve on current ideas, every step validated by the community.


Final Winner Chosen

Marshal selects a design, and a smart contract distributes MTX to all contributors.


Onward & Upward

Onto the next bounty, there's always a problem to solve.

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