The future of molecular design and exploration.


Empower Researchers and Scientists

Nanome allows teams to collaboratively solve problems in real time. Analyze, visualize, and design solutions in an immersive lab for new rates of productivity and discovery.

  • Atomic, molecular and protein visualization

  • Collaborate in real time from anywhere

  • Integrate into current research workflows

Better Collaboration.
Better Design.

Virtual Reality makes real time collaboration easy, enabling your research team to iterate faster than ever.

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Global Realtime Collaboration

Collaborative design meetings accross different parts of the world.

  • Create more engaging presentations

  • Go through rapid idea generation & validation

  • Host more effective cross site design meetings

  • Faster structural understanding accross teams

Product Features

Nanome was built for professional researchers and scientists who want to work collaboratively to innovate faster.


Small molecule & protein visualization

Import molecules from public databases such as the RCSB Protein Data Bank, Pubchem, Drugbank, or your own computer.


Protein design and minimization

Mutate through the most common amino acids and rotamer conformation or minimize your structure.


Measure in 3D space

Grab, rotate, or enlarge your molecules and measure distances or angles between atoms with your hands.


Analyze and explore structures

Analyze your structures and binding sites or explore the fit of different ligands.


Collaboration with global members

Share a virtual lab in real time with colleagues across the globe. Or join VR sessions via a 2D interface.


Customize your virtual workspace

Customize your virtual workspace and save you VR sessions for future presenting or collaboration.



  • Includes everything in Pro
  • Private server deployment
  • Offline mode
  • Internal database integration
  • Custom development
  • Customer support
  • Plugin support
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  • Molecular modeling
  • Observe public collaborations
  • Duplicate, Split, Color molecules
  • Minimization Simulations
  • Load structures from RCSB
  • Host a public room
  • Load up to 2 molecules
  • Room capacity: 20 Round Robin


$99 $199
per year

  • Includes everything in Personal
  • Load from PubChem, Drugbank
  • Load from your computer
  • Save your VR workspace
  • Assign presenter & block users
  • Export your molecules in PDB format
  • Host a password protected room
  • Load up to 4 molecules
  • Room capacity: 5


$499 $999
per year

  • Includes everything in Plus
  • PDB Trajectory Animation
  • SDF Ligand support
  • Electron Density Map Support (CCP4 & DSN6)
  • Load unlimited molecules
  • Room capacity: 20

Special discounts for education

With our Academic Discount, students and teachers can get a Pro license for a reduced price.

$199 $299
per year


System Requirements for Nanome


OS: Windows 7

Processor: i5 - 4590

Memory: 4GB RAM

Graphics: GTX 1060

Other Requirements


Requires a virtual reality headset to use.

oculus vive

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