The world’s first molecular visualization and modeling tool for today’s vitrual reality platforms.


From the Bottom Up

Get started by creating molecules with individual atoms, manipulate in real time and start to better understand this invisible world.

  • Select atoms from the periodic table

  • Molecular design and manipulation

  • Manipulate in real time

See it to believe it.

Immersing yourself in the nano-world makes it easier to understand.

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Product Features

Let's Dive In

NanoOne is perfect for atomic and molecular visualization and modeling.


3D Molecular Visualization

Import atoms and molecules into VR environment


Build Up, Break Down

Manipulate individual atoms and molecules.


Seeing is Understanding

Modeling in VR allows you to better understand molecular structures over 2D alternatives.


Experiment. Learn. Repeat.

Intuitive interface makes it easy to become a pro of molecular manipulation.

System Requirements for NanoOne


OS: Windows 7

Processor: i5 - 4590

Memory: 4GB RAM

Graphics: GTX 1060

Other Requirements


Requires a virtual reality heaset to use.

oculus vive

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Qualcomm Institue UCSD The Basement UCSD Nano Engineering Von Liebig

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