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Scaling Humanity

Nanome is transforming how we understand and interact with science, creating a virtual world where people can experiment, design and learn at the nanoscale. We’re building an open platform to solve age old problems of collaboration, incentives and siloed information – providing better access to science & technology for everyone.

Our Team

Hi, we're Nanome.


The breakthroughs of the future will all come at the nanoscale scale. Join us in finding them.

Our Advisors

The Shoulders We Stand On

  • Scientfic/Technical Advisory Board

  • Business Advisory Board

  • Strategic Advisory Board

  • Jurgen Schulze

    Professor of Computer Science at UC San Diego

  • Mark Thiemens

    Former Dean of Physical Sciences at UC San Diego

  • Ronald Graham

    Inventor of Graham’s Number, Chief Scientist at CallT2

  • Paul Puey

    CEO & Co-Founder at Airbiz

  • John Graham

    Lead Engineer of Pacific Research Platform

  • Greg Horowitt

    Venture Capitalist, Author, Serial Entrepreneur + Board Member

  • Silvia Mah

    Executive Director of Hera-Labs

  • Geoff Odell

    CEO at Trusted-HIT, formar Novartis VP of Global Operations

  • Ben Bratton

    Professor of Visual Arts at UCSD + Board Member

  • Bruna Mori

    Director of Engagement at The Center for Deign and Geopolitics

  • David Brin

    Author, Futurist, Public Speaker

  • Scott Morgan

    Entrepreneur, Investor, Cryptoeconomy

Affiliates + Partnerships

Qualcomm Institue UCSD The Basement UCSD Nano Engineering Von Liebig

Featured By

The San Diego Union Tribute GIZMODO UCSan Diego Jacobs School Of Engineering Singularity Hub

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