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Accelerating the scientific breakthroughs of the future.


Scaling Humanity

Nanome is transforming how we interact with and understand science, creating a virtual world where users can experiment, design and learn at the nanoscale. We’re building an open platform to solve age old problems of collaboration, incentivization and siloed information – creating a world with open access to science & technology.

Our Team

Hi, we're Nanome.


The breakthroughs of the future will all come at the nanoscale. Join us in finding them.

Our Advisors

The Shoulders We Stand On

  • Scientific/Technical Advisory Board

  • Business Advisory Board

  • Strategic Advisory Board

  • Daniel Berard, PhD.

    Computational Chemistry Expert, Statistical Mechanics

  • John Graham

    Lead Engineer of Pacific Research Platform

  • Paul Puey

    CEO & Co-Founder at Edge

  • Dr. Jürgen Schulze

    Professor of Computer Science at UC San Diego

  • Mark Thiemens, PhD.

    Former Dean of Physical Sciences at UC San Diego

  • Mike Bishop, PhD.

    Drug Discovery Consultant, Medicinal Chemist

  • Greg Horowitt

    Venture Capitalist, Author, Serial Entrepreneur + Board Member

  • Ann Lai, PhD.

    Analytics & Growth Advisor, VC, Startups

  • Silvia Mah PhD, MBA

    President & COO at CONNECT, Entrepreneur, VC

  • Geoff Odell

    CEO at Trusted-HIT, former Novartis VP of Global Operations

  • Greg Tsutaoka

    Entrepreneur, Strategy, Market Development

  • Ben Bratton, PhD.

    Professor of Visual Arts at UCSD + Board Member

  • David Brin

    Author, Futurist, Public Speaker

  • Scott Morgan

    Entrepreneur, Investor, Cryptoeconomy

  • Hiro Shinohara

    Blockchain Expert, Entrepreneur, Cryptoeconomy

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